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The quilt top, batting and backing are attached to rollers, creating a "sandwich."  By pinning, stapling, or basting to the rollers, the need to pre-pin or baste the three layers together is eliminated.  The longarm machine is positioned directly over the three quilt layers.  During the quilting of the quilt, the rollers are manually advanced to keep the quilt secure and wrinkle free. 

The longarm operator stands on one side of the machine to follow a preprinted pattern called a "pantograph", for "hand guided" quilters.  They use the other side of the machine to do free motion or custom quilting.  For "computer guided" quilting, the quilter sets up the patterns to be used in the computer and stands on the side where the computer screen can be viewed  They can also do free motion quilting from this side.  

Longarm quilting machines can generally stitch up to 3,500 stitches per minute in contrast to domestic or home machines, which average 750 stitches per minute.  Longarm quilting is therefore much faster and less cumbersome than other quilting.

My specialties are longarm machine quilting and machine embroidery.  I am passionate about all types of sewing and would love to help you finish your quilts or other UFOs (unfinished objects).  I will take special care of your quilt or project while it is in my smoke and pet free studio located in Glendale, Arizona.  

I have a Gammill with Statler Stitcher (Ruby Scarlett) longarm machine and can complete your quilting choices with a very short turn around time.   The Gammill with Statler Stitcher makes precise and accurate stitches on blocks, borders and overall designs.  

My Janome 15000 domestic sewing and embroidery machine is used for quilt piecing, quilt binding, creating t-shirt quilts, special quilt labels, embellishments on home decor, and embroidery on clothing, etc.  

Your completed project will be a gift for yourself or a treasure that will be appreciated by the receiver!  

Keep quilting!

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A longarm quilting machine is a large, commercial, sewing machine.  It is operated using hand controls or computer controlled and moves across the quilt with virtually little effort.  The length of the typical longarm machine throat (or arm) is approximately 30", making it possible to handle even large quilts with thick batting.  The machine rests on wheels, which move effortlessly along rails embedded in a 12-14 foot table.